About Us

Mountain Side Performance was founded in 2021, when owner, Jared, decided to take his passion and 20+ years of experience as a power sports technician and knowledge of parts and accessories of snowmobiles and turn it into something larger. Having worked with many great aftermarket companies over the years, he has tested and run many different products, putting them through the paces of strength, durability and reliability.

Jared shares his passion of the snowmobile industry with his wife and daughter. We ride primarily in the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming. We understand the level of commitment and cost associated with owning mountain sleds, accessorizing, modifying, wrecking and repairing them when they break.

We take great pride in offering the best products on the market for those snowmobilers just getting started, to the snowmobile enthusiast alike. We are dedicated to helping to get you on the snow and keep you out there riding!